On this page we list articles, books and research reports that are relevant to the project.

The three publications below created the moral imperative for the previous McGuinness Institute LivestockNZ project.

  1. Economies at the T-junctionAllianz – Mohamed A. El-Erian (author of The Only Game in Town), 29 January 2016
  2. Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector: Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption
    Chatham House – Rob Bailey, Antony Froggatt & Laura Wellesley, December 2014
  3. Big World, Small Planet (from page 167)
    Johan Rockstrom and Mattias Klum, May 2014

Interesting articles, books and research reports

Please note that the resources listed in this section will include a wide range of perspectives, not all of which we agree with, some being research-based and some being statistics-based. Other, opinion-based pieces, will be included with the aim of orientating readers to a range of different views, approaches and modes of expression, particularly around the controversial issue of livestock reduction. Please also feel free to email us interesting articles, books and research reports to read and review at

Dairy exports in 2012 compared with 1992 – infographic
Statistics New Zealand

Relevant work of the McGuinness Institute

Relevant projects undertaken to date:
LivestockNZ, PublicScienceNZ, StrategyNZ and ReportingNZ

Relevant agricultural-based publications:

Think Piece 20 – Towards a Strategy of Freedom
McGuinness Institute – September 2014

Report 16 – An Overview of Genetic Modification in New Zealand 1973-2013: The first forty years
McGuinness Institute – September 2013

Working Paper 2013/01 – Notes on the New Zealand King Salmon Decision
McGuinness Institute – May 2013

Think Piece 16 – New Zealand King Salmon: Was it a good decision for New Zealand?
McGuinness Institute – March 2013

Working Paper 2011/09 – Evaluating the Livestock and Crops Working Paper (PDF, 463KB)
McGuinness Institute – March 2011
Please note that this work was put on hold in 2011, but will continue through LivestockNZ. Questions raised in this earlier working paper include the following: How should New Zealand ensure we have effective management of our livestock and crops? What is the best approach? What skills or techniques are needed? Does New Zealand have comprehensive and accurate information to enable effective management? How can New Zealand learn from international experience to assist in maximising effective and sustainable livestock and crops?

Think Piece 6 – While AgResearch Fiddled (PDF, 716KB)
McGuinness Institute – October 2008

Think Piece 2 – Climate Change Update (PDF, 125KB)
McGuinness Institute – May 2007