This year the Institute is focusing specifically on climate change. The overall aim of this project is to explore a climate strategy for New Zealand.

David Attenborough recently stated in regard to climate change: ‘My generation is no great example for understanding – we have done terrible things. If we are not making progress with young people we are done!’ (April 2019). Our 2019 work programme aims to provide young people a platform to enable them to amplify their thinking and have their voice heard. See the two events below.

The 2019 work programme also includes a number of research reports, including a Project 2058 report on climate change reporting. The Institute hopes to publish this report before the end of May.

Discussion Paper 2019/01 – The Climate Reporting Emergency: A New Zealand Case Study can be found in Final Draft on the McGuinness Institute website here.

Click here to view the Climate Change Discussion Paper powerpoint used at the launch event held at the Institute on Tuesday 25 June.

1. KiMuaNZ: Exploring climate futures

KiMuaNZ workshop (1–3 July)

The KiMuaNZ workshop brought together 40 young New Zealanders between the ages of 18 and 25 who have a connection with the Pacific. They shared experiences and understandings of climate change issues in order to develop different scenarios for New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours.

KiMuaNZ: Exploring Climate Futures Workshop – Finale Presentation at Government House

The workshop was intended to amplify Pasifika voices, develop futures thinking capability and help build a more informed and cohesive society. It aimed to also contribute to a continued conversation about climate change allowing us to develop potential responses for adapting to and mitigating climate-related risks.

At Government House the participants of the KiMuaNZ workshop shared their ideas after three days of listening to expert speakers and developing scenarios. The finale presentation sought to add to the national conversation on how to mitigate and adapt to climate change in New Zealand and the Pacific.

The workshop aimed to highlight the perspectives of young New Zealanders on adapting to and mitigating climate change, and focused on exploring different future scenarios and strategies for New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours within a climate changing world.

The KiMuaNZ workshop publication is currently in development.